About Us


An insight into preschool life

As a centre our philosophy is all about natural uninterrupted play. We believe in allowing the children the freedom to explore the world around them, free from interruption, giving them the time for their creative mind to develop. By giving the children this freedom their own thoughts and ideas are given the opportunity to blossom, they can build strong and genuine friendships with their peers and they develop skills which will support their growth and development right through school and into later life.

We see our environment as one of the teachers and by providing the children with the time and space to explore their curiosities, to be creative, to experiment and imagine we are enhancing their sense of wonder and their enthusiasm to learn and discover.

Within our outside environment we have different areas for the children to explore. The children have free access to water and can use it within their play as they choose, our mud pit is a favourite with all of the children and in winter we snuggle around our fire pit, toasting marshmallows and telling stories. Raining or shining we give the children the opportunity to play outside as we place huge value on the learning that happens within our outside environment. In winter, rain coats and gumboots are a must as there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.

Within our inside environment we aim to create well planned and inviting spaces that will engage all of the children’s senses. Each area is devoted to something ie books, blocks and art. In our art area the children have free access to scissors, paint, paper, glue and drawing equipment. There is no specific time for painting and art as who knows when the need to be creative will arise. Although we encourage the children to wear aprons during painting experiences sometimes they do forget and clothes get paint (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) on them.

We encourage and support the children to become independent learners and thinkers. We support their choices and encourage their learning at every turn. The children have free access to their bags and lockers so if they become wet during play, get paint on themselves or become muddy after playing in the mud pit we place the responsibility back onto the children to get themselves changed and dressed (we help and support the children as they get changed until they can successfully change themselves).

As teachers we aim to work in partnership with the children. We work, learn and discover alongside in order to help children become the best they can possibly be… Every day is an adventure waiting to happen. We all have a common goal which is to create happy, confident, capable and inquisitive children who have the skills to freely explore and make sense of the world around them.