About Us

Toddler Room

Tena koutou Whanau,

Welcome to the Natures Cove Ngatai Toddler Room. In this room we have a 1:5 ratio and a maximum of ten children per day. Children are typically aged between 2 – 3 and a half years of age.

In this room our main learning focuses include:

  • social competency- developing social skills, building relationships with teachers and peers, learning how to work alongside and with friends.
  • language development- developing language, understanding our emotions and learning how to express them, comprehension and articulation.
  • Self help skills- developing the tools and techniques to care for ourselves, listen to our bodies and develop independence.

We believe in utilising the environment as a third teacher which means providing a challenging and open ended learning environment which is exciting and inviting. We also aim to provide an environment which can act as a home away from home for our little people. We believe in following the children’s lead and building a strong relationship with each of our children and their families in order to truly know how to provide the best care for each child. In the Toddler Room we love to spend as much time as we can outside exploring nature and we also enjoy lots of excursions and walks around our beautiful community when we can.